Did you know? Odd musical theater facts

Even those of us how have been studying, watching, and participating in musical theater for most of our lives will probably be surprised by a few of these lesser known facts, proving that musical theater is a rich, diverse field! Use a few of these for trivia at your next dinner party:  Did you know: Broadway is the oldest north-south street in New York City?

Did you know: Broadway existed as a Native American footpath before colonization?

Did you know: Broadway is home to 40 large theaters, each seating over 500 guests.

Did you know: Broadway is one of NYC's most profitable tourist attractions, bringing over $1 billion into the city in 2010!

Did you know: so long as a show is continuing to generate revenue, it will run in theaters. Chicago is one of several long-running shows, and has been on Broadway for over 15 years.

Did you know: Phantom of the Opera is the longest running show in the history of Broadway theater, starting in 1988 and still running today!

Did you know: Phantom of the Opera is also the highest grossing show in Broadway history, making over $715 million in revenue to date.

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--Source: Wonderopolis.org