Meditation for musical theatre performers - why you should start meditating right now

We've all seen the popularity of mindfulness and meditation programs rise over the last few years - meditation is not just for "those new age people" anymore! Meditation seems to be touted as a cure-all, helping people relax, sleep, concentrate, get more done at work regardless of what their profession is, lose weight, solve world peace....the list goes on and on. In all seriousness, and speaking from a participant's perspective, I can confirm that meditation is a game-changer and should be a part of everyone's day, regardless of spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof), and regardless of your goal for its use. Personally I meditate for about 10 minutes a day simply for the purpose of relaxation and building the discipline to stop my *crazy* mind and become more present. As I become more serious about my performing career I saw the benefits of my daily ritual crossing over into my professional life as well.

As performers, meditation is ideally suited to folks like us, who need to be able to clear our chattering thoughts on a moment's notice in order to calm your pre-performance jitters, give a truthful response, connect with a character, or concentrate quickly on some challenging choreography that the dance captain has changed at the last minute. More so than any other career, musical theater demands the skill of silencing your mind and coming into the present.

Meditation can be particularly important for auditioning. Having an established routine is like building a muscle - the more you often you do it, the easier it will be to call up the skill when you're under pressure, unsure of yourself, and reading cold.

Not sure you believe me yet? Check out experts Craig Wallace and Andy Meindl on the topic, or read one of my favorite books on mindful acting, "The Philosophical Actor."

OK, so you believe meditation is important....but don't know how. Not to worry, pick up a copy of "Meditation for Musical Theatre Performers," an eBook with a simple how-to process.

For additional information about relaxation as related to performance anxiety, try our other eBook titled "Overcoming Performance Anxiety for Musical Theatre Performers."

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