Vocal lessons for beginner, intermediate & advanced singers ages 5-adult.

Express yourself and have fun with jazz, classical, pop, broadway, sacred, or folk singing! Kids, teens and adults can learn how to expand their vocal range, increase projection and power, learn to read notation, access the power of breathing, create stage presence, audition techniques, and how to stay calm under performance pressure.  

Lesson content

A typical lesson will consist of:

  • Physical and vocal warm ups
  • Exercises targeted to building technique
  • Developing a portfolio of performance-ready songs varying in genre, style and difficulty
  • Ear training
  • Theory

Topics covered over the course of vocal study:

Breathing mechanics


Jaw mechanics

Theory & sightreading

Artistic interpretation

Individual style

Ear training


Song structures

Diction & languages

Stage presence

Portfolio management


Vocal registers

Range extension


Vowel mechanics

Performance preparation




"Erin is a terrific teacher! She has tailored her teaching to our 13 year old daughter's interests, specifically musicals. In addition, she is giving her a foundation in musical theory. We have seen our daughter's singing and level of confidence improve steadily. We happily recommend her!." --Tristan Wade


"Erin is a great teacher. She really encouraged my son to explore his voice." --Sarah Glazeman


"Erin did a great job of assessing my wants and needs from my lessons. She took notes and then jumped in to her initial teaching. She is energetic and made the lesson fun." --Kathy Hammond


"Erin is fantastic. She's incredibly knowledgeable in vocal technique and makes the lessons fun and enjoyable. She has a very laid back style but gets the job done!" --Beau Duwe


"In my first lesson I immediately left with practice strategies I could understand and implement at home." --Barry Maloney


"I feel very comfortable around Erin, she makes me feel like I can express myself in a safe space. Usually, I leave lessons feeling happier and more energized than when I arrived." --Shannon Going


"Maximum Kudos. Greatly exceeded expectations. Erin knowledgeably explains complex concepts thoroughly and in terms I could easily understand--and put to use. She diligently follows up each lesson with a complete recap of topics as well as helpful exercises to prepare for the next lesson. At the initial lesson Erin immediately discerned several basic voice characteristics on which I could work. I have complete trust in her and unreservedly recommend Erin to anyone wishing to improve their speaking voice." --David Blaine


"Erin was our daughter's first vocal teacher. She not only gained a great foundation in singing, but also learned to greatly increase her vocal range! Erin was always personable, patient, knowledgeable and encouraging! We recommend her highly!!" --Gina Johnson


"Erin taught piano and singing to our two daughters for 4 years. She cultivated and inspired their love of music, piano, singing. Erin delivered excellent results. She made it fun for our children, but also pushed them to their full potential. Erin is extremely personable, extremely smart, extremely inspiring." --Timothy Watt